3 fact about our planet you didn’t learn in school

1. The moon is probably a chunk of the earth

. Before our planet had it’s cosmic companion scientists believed that the early earth was all alone in its path around the sun then about 4 billion years ago when the earth was still just a baby a gigantic space rock the size of mars and with a lovely named theia collided with our planet as a result a huge chunk of the earth broke away and later became our satellite the moon and our planet never felt lonely again.

2. The earth’s magnetic field is changing

. Earth has a strong magnetic field thanks to two important factors it’s nikel iron core and a pretty fast axial rotation the magnetic field is vital for earth because it protect the planet from impect of solar winds we think of our planet’s magnetic field as something constant and stable but the truth is that is changing researchers says that since the 19th century the northern magnetic pole has shifted about 685 miles moving north westward across canadian arctic the southern magnetic pole is also constantly roaming scientists have actually known about the migration of the pole for a long time.

3. Gravity isn’t the same everywhere on the planet

. Earth despite common belief isn’t perfectly round it’s more like a squash sphere kind of like how head is shaped so it’s mass is irregular and differs in various places which causes wobbles of gravity in different areas of the planet one of these gravitational anomalies is found in Canada’s hudson bay where the gravity is much more weaker than anywhere else on the planet a 2007 study found the reason for such a phenomenon is melted glaciers that area was once covered with a thick layer of ice when that ice later melted the imprint of this glacier partially pushed aside some of the earth’s mass in that region is precisely this slight deformation of the crust that can explain the 25 to 45 percent weaker gravity.

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    Just wow ! Thank you for sharing.

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