3 mental traps that keep controlling your life

1. Blindly jumping on the bandwagon

. Human beings are social creatures by nature and just like other animals that live in group we interact and depend on each other that’s why people are inclined to do or believe something if they know that the majority does or believe this and that’s great that’s how we’ve come to establish certain rules and acceptable conduct in society but this kind of mob mentality is exactly why you should take statistical data with a grain of salt.

when it come to developing your own opinion and making your own decisions you should avoid just blindly following the herd.

2. We remember only our best traits and actions

. For better or worse people are people and we’re all a bit egoistic we like to acknowledge only our best features. We sometimes have a tendency to exaggerate our accomplishments without even realizing it. Nobel prize winner daniel kahneman hit the nail on the head when he said it’s surprising how rarely people change their opinions. And what they do, many people correct their previous mindset, trying to persuade themselves they’ve always thought that way. How many politicians flip-flop on their policy and completely deny ever having being against what they now support it’s good to criticize yourself it allows you to grow and be a better person.

3. Our brain thinks we’re someone else in the future

. Different studies show that when we start imagining ourselves in the future it activates the parts of our brain that work when we think about different people in other words if we’re asked to think about our future selves we imagine a stranger who has almost nothing in common with our present self and of course this stranger is better in every way possible but we forget one important thing becoming this perfect stranger doesn’t happen overnight it take lot of work so if you catch yourself imagining how amazing you’ll be in the future try to figure out how your future self is different from your current personality and skills and start working on those specifics.

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  1. Aidan says:

    I like the last one, where we imagine we’re someone else in the future. It’s so true. I wrote about this once, about how it’s 2019 and I’ve learnt nothing in the past year. It was sad, because you imagine and expect so much but do little. Great pointers!


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