3 small things you can do every day to get smarter

1. Diversify your palate

. Do you always order the same thing at a restaurant or eat the same sort of breakfast every day well it’s time for a change and that’s not just because there are lots of great foods out there to try sharp minds experiment with new experiences and and food is no exception when you try a unfamiliar dish you’re opening yourself to a host of new experiences first off it’ll smell new and interesting and your brain will work harder to interpret the signals from your nose you’ll have to awaken new sensory receptors opening up untrodden neural pathways in your brain the texture of different food can give you new sensory experiences as well for instance have you ever try sushi oysters or octopus those textures are dramatically different from most things we typically eat on a day to day basis and there’s taste your taste buds can send a wide range of sensory information to your brain and the more things you try more your brain will expand to accommodate.

2. Read out loud

. Reading is like steroid for the brain and you should be doing it regularly to keep exercising your mind and know not just subtitles and movies and youtube videos. If you really want to take your reading game to next level try reading out loud either to yourself or even better to someone else not only does reading aloud really immerse you in the story it’ll also require your brain to work extra hard to put yourself in the space of the characters not to mention you’ll pick up more from what you read making it an effective technique for studying you see when we read silently we tend to skim quickly over a lot of the text but spending the time to read aloud will force you to read every single word in studies of brain activity three areas of the brain lit up while listening towards from a book if you’re too embarrassed to read to yourself out loud just listen to an audio book while you’re out taking a walk or on your daily commute to work or school. It won’t challenge your brain quite as much as reading aloud but it’ll still work your brain you’ll gain new knowledge and it’s really fun.

3. Be a social butterfly

. Human beings are social animals it’s how our brains develop to help us cooperate and thus servive in a world full of dangerous predators go out and talk to people whether it’s friends and family or people you never met before whenever you get into a conversation with someone your brain goes nuts with sending or receiving information and you know what they say opposites attract the less someone is like you the more your brain benefits from the interaction because it forces you to consider new ideas and perspectives sure people can be exhausting and you might not want to interact with anyone but if you get out and socialize it can really enhance your cognitive ability.

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  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    Nice tips. I order same thing because I don’t want to waste money something different. That probably indicates I am not a social butterfly either. I guess your pointers are making sense.

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  2. huguetta says:

    Great tips! Thank you for sharing

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