3 psychological facts that can make your life easier

1. Self confidence is more important than appearance

. Studies shows that being confident is more important than being physically attractive, an interesting study published in international journal of cosmetic science proved that men who were given some cologne looked visibly more attractive in photos taken afterward webster university researchers found out that women can easily draw the attention of a potential partner if they look at him with a confident and direct smile what is more the confidence can not only help you find a date but also succeed in life for example research conducted at the university Melbourne determined a direct connection between being confident at elementary school and being successful at work later in life.

2. Men listen to women for only 6 minutes

. It’s a fact discovered by a study commissioned by ladbrokes men do have selective hearing they can listen attentively to their female partners for 6 minutes only but this time more than doubles to 15 minutes when they are talking to their male friends before you start blaming men for their lack of attention you should know that women also pay more attention to conversations with their friends rather than with their romantic partners according to the research topics that are particularly hard for men to concentrate on include fashion and shopping, horoscopes and celebrities gossip about people they don’t know and their partners colleagues.

3. Writing down your thoughts reduces stress

. More than one study has demonstrated that writing about your traumatic experiences improves your emotional state reduces anxiety and helps you to break free from a depressing life event dr.james w pannebaker the chair of the department of psychology at the university of Texas austin once conducted an intriguing experiment he the health benefits at expressive writing add on people forty 46 healthy student had to write about either and everyday life event or traumatic life experience for 15 minutes for 4 days it turned out that in the following 6 months those students who mentioned traumatic events visited the university health center or use painkillers less often than those who wrote about trivial matters in addition anxiety prone people who write about their feelings before taking an important test perform better than those who haven’t written anything down prior to exam.

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