3 Amazing facts that will make you never skip a gym session again

1. Your body will start to enter reverse mode

.The minute you miss a workout, your body goes into reverse. In other words you start to lose all the benefits that exercise brings. If you miss a week of working out, your muscles start to stiffen up and your heart and lungs lose 5 per cent of their fitness. Your fat levels start to creep up because your metabolism has slowed and lost around 10 per cent of its capacity to use oxygen, which ultimately helps us burn calories.

From there it’s a slippery downhill slope. Every journey begins with one small step, so make sure your steps take you in the right direction (towards the gym!)

2. You won’t benefit from an exercise high

.When we workout, our bodies releases three chemicals; endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals work in magical ways to make you feel good after exercise, and they also boost well-being and reduce stress levels. Simply put, you feel happier when you’ve done some exercise. Skipping the gym makes you feel grumpy and negative.

3. Your sleep pattern will be Affected

.Sleep is affected. Why? Because when you work out, you have more restful sleep.

Exercise is brilliant for clearing the head of worries and anxieties. When you’re concentrating on how many reps you can do on the rowing machine, everyday worries go out the window. You tire yourself out physically in the gym, so missing a workout therefore means you are less tired, more stressed and won’t sleep as well. This theory is backed up by science.

A National Sleep Foundation poll found that regular exercisers were much more likely to report good quality sleep the majority of the time. Research has also shown that exercise improves not only the amount of sleep we get but the quality of it too.

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  1. So true !! I’ve experienced this when i took a break from gym 😦

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