Amazing facts about chocolate

1. Chocolates Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay appears when your mouth plays a home to bacteria that turn sugar into acids, further eating away the tooth’s surface causing cavities. The antibacterial agents in cocoa beans tend to inhibit the growth of these bacteria and prevent tooth decay. Choose to eat dark chocolate as it contains more cocoa. However, this doesn’t mean you eat chocolate daily.

2. Growing A Cocoa Tree Is No Joke

It takes about a year for a cocoa tree to produce enough pods to make about 10 small-sized chocolate bars.

3. Cacao Beans Were Used As A Currency, Once In History

The Aztecs loved and valued cacao beans so much that they started using them as currency during the times of civilisation.

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  1. KINDNESS says:

    CHOCOLATE made me jump, yummy.
    Great Article loved it. Bye Diet 🤗🤗

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  2. Now I fully understand why I love chocolate.

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  3. Julie Krupp says:

    Did not know about preventing tooth decay, another win for chocolate. Thanks!

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