3 Types of Belly fat That Aren’t Caused by Excess Weight

1. Low bellyDistinguishing feature:
You’re slim, but your lower belly protrudes a bit.
Recent motherhood.
Monotonous and overly exertive exercise in the gym (you do lots of crunches and use an ab wheel).
Unchanging diet.
Spinal curvature.
How to get rid of it:A.Healthy diet and lots of fiber. Green leaf vegetables, whole-grain bread, and other sources of fiber are good for you.B.Give up on squats. You probably do them incorrectly, exerting too much effort on your lower back, aggravating spinal curvature and making your tummy more prominent. Replace squats with planks.C.Equal distribution of exercise. Don’t overexert any single part of your body. Try circuit training — that way, you’ll work every muscle group.
Special instructions:
Drink more water, and opt for easily digested foods (green vegetables) and light proteins (fish and chicken).2. Inflated bellyDistinguishing feature:. Your stomach is flat in the morning but grows during the day, regardless of whether you have excess weight.Causes:.Food allergy.
.Sluggish bowels.
.Intestinal flora imbalance.How to get rid of it:
A.Exclude foods that don’t go well with your body. The most common untolerated substances are gluten (bread, pasta, confectionery), alcohol, yeast (cakes, beer), and processed dairy products (cheese, milk, butter).B.Opt for a diet rich in fresh vegetables, meat, chicken, and fish. Try to avoid bread and pastries for 2 weeks and see if your belly stopped swelling.C.Don’t skip breakfast. Make it the largest of your meals, as digestion is at its peak in the morning. Don’t eat at night. Chew your food thoroughly, and drink a lot of water.D.Swelling may be a sign of imbalanced intestinal flora. Pre- and probiotics are the easiest solution. They are present in sour cream and certain fruit and vegetables including cabbage, garlic, and onion. A healthy stomach is a flat stomach.Special instructions:. Breathing. Do the following exercise every morning: lie on your back, relax completely, and inhale/exhale deeply 10 times. Take a walk after having a meal.3. Love handles Distinguishing feature:. “Cushions“ on your sides.Causes:.Sedentary lifestyle..Sweet tooth..Excess alcohol consumption..Lots of sugar and refined carbs (cookies, cakes, and white bread) or starchy carbs (pasta and rice) in your diet.How to get rid of it:A.Drink less alcohol. Several glasses of wine drunk 3-4 times a week lead to a ”wine waist” with a potbelly and fat sides. Stop drinking altogether for two weeks, and then remember moderation.B. Rethink your diet. Avoid special dietary products and low-fat foods. Opt for eggs, lean meat, and vegetables as well as good fats, such as avocado, nuts, and high-fat fish.C.Find time for exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym — long walks will do along with lunges, squats, and reverse push-ups at home.Special instructions:
Physical exercise and proper diet are enough. Both of these will let you see your belly reduce in size, and that’ll give you strength to go on.

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