3 Famous Logos That Have a Secret Meaning

1. Airbnb

The internet service Airbnb, that people use to find places to stay all around the world, chose a really strange logo that looks like a paper clip. But in fact, the logo has a much deeper meaning than it might seem at first glance. It contains 4 elements: the head of a person that represents a user of their site; the sign for a location on a map — for the place where the house or apartment is; a heart — the sign of love; and all these symbols are combined to make the letter A for Airbnb.

2. Dell

Dell, the American company that produces computers, highlighted the letter E in its logo for a reason. The founder of the company Michael Dell wanted to convey the meaning of the popular idiom “turn the world on its ear” which means to change something in an unusual way. And separately “to turn (something) on its ear” means turning something upside down. So the company decided to use this wordplay and turned the letter E upside down.

3. Subway

The arrows on the first and last letters of the Subway logo are there for a reason: they stand for the entrance and the exit to the subway. This way, the company demonstrates that with Subway you can eat… on the subway. The colors play a huge role, too: the green color symbolizes the fact that the company is an advocate for healthy food and supplies only good quality products, and the yellow stands for joy, optimism, and fun.

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  1. Very fascinating! Really enjoyed this! 🙂

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  2. simplyvaish says:

    Interesting. Didn’t know about this

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  3. Very, very interesting. Your content is so eclectic! Reminds me of a treasure hunt.

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