1. Water detoxifies your body, effectively

Adding various detoxifying drinks to your diet like green tea may help in the detoxification process, but only if taken in a limited quantity. But if you replace these detoxifying drinks with water, it not only cleanses your body better but aids digestion and keeps your kidneys clean. Water has the essential nutrients that are required for a healthy body and no other drink can replace them. Water flushes out harmful substances from the body, making your internal system clean.

1. Increases metabolism

Drinking water speeds up the metabolism, which in turn, increases energy levels. This is why it is advised by the health experts to drink water more frequently as it provides you energy and you stay active during the day. According to a study, there is a direct link between low metabolic rate and decreased kidney function. In case kidneys don’t get the required amount of water, their functioning gets impaired. Water is required to remove toxins from kidney and dehydration can cause various health issues. Also, drinking water aids weight loss as water is a natural appetite suppressor which stabilizes metabolic rates. You tend to eat less and lose extra kilos.

3. Hair and skin benefits

Hair and skin cells also require an adequate amount of water to function properly. If you are drinking ample amounts of water, it will leave your skin glowing and spot free and will make your hair shinier. Hydrated skin will be more radiant and fresh.
Dehydration can lead to dry and flaky skin, which in turn, can also lead to early aging.

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  1. inhiscare753 says:

    There is definitely no substitute to drinking water and it’s benefits. Thanks for the reminder. 😊💜

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